We’re arriving to St. Kitts on a cruise ship and would like to take your Nevis Guided Tour.  Do we have enough time to come over to Nevis, take the tour and make it back in time for our ship’s departure?

In most cases - yes!  We have many St. Kitts Cruise Ship and/or destination guests come over to Nevis for the day and take our tours – and it’s easy!  There are reliable public ferries just around the corner from where your Cruise Ship docks as well as vehicle ferries and private water taxis at the south end of the island.
Most Cruise Ships arrive to Kitts around 8 AM but passengers usually can’t disembark until around 9 AM due to Custom’s clearing.  But don’t worry….we’ll work with your arrival time on Nevis and adjust our schedule accordingly.  After your Funky Monkey Tour, you’ll probably even have some extra time to hang out at a nice beach restaurant, have a swim and enjoy some good food/drink before heading back to Kitts.  In our many years of business, not one of our guests has ever missed his or her ship’s departure – so relax, enjoy and be happy! 

What’s the best way to get to Nevis from Kitts?

Coming over to Nevis for the day is easy, scenic and an adventure all its own.  The only bit of caution is that after seeing Nevis – you may not want to go back to Kitts and/or your Cruise Ship!
There are basically three inter-island transportation options – the downtown Basseterre scheduled public ferries right by the Cruise Ship Dock; the SeaBridge Ferry located at the south end of Kitts at Major’s Bay; and the very popular “Water Taxis” all leaving from the dock at the Reggae Beach Bar which is also at the south end of Kitts.
While all three options work – some work better than others.  Here’s the pros and cons of each option according to our past guests…...
Downtown Basseterre scheduled ferries:  These large passenger, slow moving ferries leave from just around the corner from where your Cruise Ship will dock.   They go from downtown Kitts to Downtown Nevis and back.  It’s a very easy 10-minute walk to the ferry terminal / dock.  If you’re staying on Kitts (perhaps at the Marriott?), you’ll have to take a short taxi over to the Ferry Pier.  While these various ferry lines are on time and very reliable, they have limited departure and return schedules that won’t give you much flexibility or extra shore time before or after your Funky Monkey Tour.  They’re also, as I mentioned, very slow (about 50+ minutes each way) and can be very local – you might even sit next to a goat or two!  On the “pro” side – they’re inexpensive – but, time is also money!  Current fare is $10.00 USD/pp each way.  Their current schedules can be found at SKNVibes.com/Schedules/Ferries
The SeaBridge Ferry:  This is both a passenger and a vehicle ferry.  If you want to bring over your rental car for the day, this is the only way you can go.  However, there is really no need to bring a vehicle over to Nevis as we’ll take care of all your transportation needs while on island.  The SeaBridge departs Kitts from Majors Bay at the end of the south peninsula (about a 30-minute taxi ride from Basseterre) and takes approximately 30-minutes to cross the channel – so you’re looking at about an hour each way in total time.    The biggest complaint we’ve heard about this option is that while there is a published time schedule, rarely do they adhere to it usually coming & going on “their time” – which can sometimes be an hour or two late!   And while they have published rates – we’ve also heard countless stories that the fare could be whatever the Captain feels like charging on any day.  Cons:  according to all constant horror stories, most guest’s say that this inter-island travel option should be your LAST RESORT!  Current passenger fares are around $8.00 USD/pp each way PLUS the cost of the land taxi (if you don’t have a vehicle) to Majors Bay from the Port Zante (Cruise Ship Dock) or Frigate Bay (Marriott area) which is around $30.00 each way for up to three passengers or so.  Vehicles going across on the SeaBridge can cost around $110.00 USD round trip +/-.  Their current schedule can be found at SKNVibes.com/Schedules/Ferries
Water Taxis:  It’s a virtually unanimous opinion amongst all our guests (actually the opinion of everybody on both islands) that this inter-island transportation option is the BEST way to go between Kitts & Nevis.  A “Water Taxi” is basically a smaller 10+ passenger, stable, swift boat that takes about 7 minutes to cross the channel between Kitts & Nevis.   We’ll meet you upon your arrival at the new Oaulie Bay Ferry Dock on Nevis and hit the trail.
The water taxis from Kitts all leave from the Reggae Beach Bar dock – a popular bar/restaurant at the end of the south Peninsula on St. Kitts. You’ll need to make a booking, which you can do directly, or your hotel can arrange it.  There are several taxi boats that travel between the two islands by reservation all day and night.  We find that most of our guest prefer Islander Watersports at (869) 662-7081; Wincent Perkins is the personable owner.  They have the largest, most modern fleet which insures you of getting there and back!  Plus, they even serve you complimentary Carib Beer, Ting Soda and/or bottled while in route!  They can also arrange a land taxi to take you to and from your Cruise Ship or location on the island.  Another way to book a water taxi is through a land taxi operator who will set up and handle both the land and sea logistics – this is perhaps easier!  Our guests overwhelmingly prefer to use Elmoth Rawlins (aka “SeaMoss”) who’s a real nice, reliable operator that takes care of his guests and business!  His contact information is (869) 664-9240, elmoth89@gmail.com
Generally, water taxis are about $25.00 USD/pp each way when going with their frequent scheduled times.  However, you can also hire your own water taxi at any time.  Be prepared to pay around $80.00 USD/taxi each way for a private taxi but this could vary a bit should you have many friends/family going along with you.   You’ll also need a rental car or land taxi from either your Cruise Ship or island hotel to get to the south end and Reggae Beach.  Plan on around $30.00 USD each way for up to 3-passengers with a land taxi.  So, using a party of three for example - you’re looking at about $210.00 USD round trip complete ($70.00 USD/pp) – both land & sea!   Con’s:  a little more money BUT this option will give you the most shore time, the fewest hassles, the most flexibility and is “hands down” - the nicest way to go between Kitts & Nevis.
Bottom line……while all three-transportation options work – it’s just a matter of what’s best for you and your group.  And you can also mix it up a bit taking one option one way and another option another way!  But whatever you choose, let us know and we’ll meet you at the appropriate ferry dock when you arrive to Nevis.
And a final word - if any of the above ferry stuff sounds unsettling or intimidating – don’t worry, it’s not!  For those of us marooned on this Tropical Isle, it’s an everyday way of life for us!

What about cancellation due to weather?

Occasionally we do cancel due to inclement weather – but it’s a very small occurrence.  In Kitts and Nevis, rain showers tend to blow in and out over a short period of time – rarely does it rain all day.  If it’s raining on one side of the island, chances are that it’s sunny and dry on the other side!  And if we do get caught in a shower, we’ve found that most of our guests love parking under the nearest Mango Tree waiting for the (warm) rain to stop while enjoying a cocktail (or two) along with hearing some good island stories.

Who goes on the tours and are there any age restrictions?

Our guests include all types - regular folks to crown princes and princesses – from Wall Street schemers, scammers and scoundrels to Hollywood glitterati – famous sports figures to back yard duffers and everyone else in between – and all ages from six months to ninety-three!  You’ll never know who’ll be on tour with you!  I have lots of great stories to tell BUT…..whatever happens on the trail – stays on the trail !!  

What’s the minimum and maximum group size that you can accommodate?

We have a minimum number of two guests per tour.  Singles are welcome to book but in the rare occurrence that there are no other guests going on that tour, single guests will be charged for two persons should they still want to go at that time.
As for maximum group size? – while we have multiple vehicles and substantial capacity, we usually limit any one tour to around 25 guests which allow us to maintain a high level of customer service with each of our guests.
In general, our daily tours go out with between 4 to 8 guests.  For our larger groups, we may take additional guides on trail as well as offer multiple daily tour times to accommodate all.

 Do you offer private tours?

Yes!  Our private tour option is very popular and available with prior arrangements.  Private tours go out at the same times as our regular tours - 9 AM & 1:30 PM and have the same 3-1/2-hour duration as our guided tours unless otherwise agreed to.  The tour route is totally up to the guestsA while back we had one private tour remain at their first bar stop for the entire 3-1/2 hours!  Now that was a tour! There is an additional flat fee of $200.00 USD covering any group size (from 1 to 25) and there is a 15% guide gratuity automatically added.  We also offer wedding ceremonies, large family, corporate group tours, teambuilding in the bush and fully catered event.  Call us for your special function and we’ll make it happen!

What vehicles do you take on tour and can I drive?

For all our group guided tours, we take a variety of 2, 4 & 6 passenger polaris rzr’s & crew’s on trail depending on the number of guests.  All guests are assigned / seated to each vehicle at the sole discretion of our staff.  While not guaranteed, we will make every effort to keep parties together.
Our guide always drives a 6-seater polaris crew as the lead vehicle.  With small groups of five or less – those guests will ride with the guide in his vehicle.  This is a nice way to go as those guests can sit back, enjoy the scenery hear to island stories and have a drink not having to worry about dodging rocks, goats and crazy island drivers!   Hey…. You’re on holiday – relax, have fun and leave the work to us!
On those tours where we have more than five participants, we’ll take out additional vehicle(s) as needed and ask for volunteer driver(s) from the group. All designated drivers must be 18 years old or older and will be given a local driver’s license.  If you volunteer to drive, don’t worry as it’s very easy – our vehicles are all automatic and drive like big golf carts.   On those tours with more than five participants, we’ll go out “wagon train style” with as many vehicles as necessary to accommodate all keeping a safe and orderly distance behind each vehicle.  As always, our guide, and his five guests, leads the way.  With larger groups, we may add an additional guide in the middle and/or a follow up guide at the rear of the “wagon train” to ensure safety and fun for all.
For those guests who specifically want to drive in their own vehicle and follow behind the guide - no matter how many or few guests are participating - we’ll do our very best to accommodate their wishes.  All drivers must have a local driver’s license (or purchase one from us @ $30.00 usd) and there is an additional vehicle charge of $150.00 usd per vehicle on top of the normal tour charge.  Note that additional vehicle(s) are subject to availability.

Are you tours too rough for older guests or those with existing back conditions?

As I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing scary or rough – no hiking and no “heavy lifting”.  We don’t do any trail blazing, speeding or anything crazy.   Our Polaris 4x4’s are built to handle the small bumps and our tours are safe for all.  We’re just out for a fun and memorable time – after all…. you’re on vacation!

Will we see any monkeys or other animals while on the tour?

 Most of the time we’ll run across some Green Vervet Monkeys while on trail in Nevis – but, not so much in Kitts as its much more developed and populated. Kitts does, however, has a very spooky, heavily secured, Jurassic Park like International Monkey Research Center in the middle of the island where who knows what goes on?  This eerie place is owned by some big international pharmaceutical & cosmetic companies.  The Green Vervet Monkeys were originally brought to Kitts and Nevis from Africa in the 17th Century by British settlers. They’re highly social and usually seen in groups of up to 7 to 80 individuals.  While mostly in the bush, they can be found everywhere on the islands – kind of like squirrels back in the states.  While cute, they are a major nuisance to local farmers as they are always eating their crops and have no natural predators here.  That said, they’re still a bit shy and reclusive. However, if Mother Nature permits – we’ll see some. But for sure - we’ll see lots of goats, lambs, cows, horses, a few pigs, mongooses and chickens….Oh My!  

Should I tip the Guide?

It is customary to tip the Guide for a job well done.  Gratuity is based on individual preference, but we suggest 15%, which is the industry standard.  Cash is preferred or you can have it added to your credit card.

3-1/2 hours sounds like a long time – do you offer a shorter tour?

This question comes up occasionally and the answer is NO – unless however, you’ve arranged for a private tour - then, you can cut it short if you wish.  BUT….this has NEVER happened to us as our guests find that the time goes by very quickly and they usually want to stay out even longer!

I’m a corporate incentive group planner – do you carry insurance?

Yes – we carry $1M ECD in Liability Insurance – the tour operator’s “standard policy” on the island.  However, we are unable to offer and Collision Insurance as it’s not available on the island for our type of vehicles.

What else do I need to know?

MOST IMPORTANT!!! Take our tour early in your holiday – DO NOT wait until the last day!  If I had a nickel for everyone who told me that they wished they had taken our tour when they first got to the islands – I’d have a whole lot of nickels!

What should I wear on tour?

As for expedition attire – comfortable, casual, cool clothing & shoes is perfect for the trail. You might bring along a pool towel just in case of a rain shower. And, I’d also bring along some sunscreen, sunglasses and a camera.  For those with contacts – tours can get a bit dusty and you might want to switch to eyeglasses.

Can we swim anywhere on the tour?

While there are places along the trail for a swim – we don’t recommend it.  Sitting afterwards in a 4x4, in the sun and with a salty swimsuit is a sure recipe for a diaper rash!  Wait until after your tour and then take that dip in the ocean or pool at a nice restaurant with a freshwater shower – believe me, you’ll be much happier!

Do we stop for food or drinks on the tour?

No!  We do not stop for food while on the trail so bring along a snack bar if you wish.  We do, however, offer our popular bottomless cooler of soft and hard drinks on tour.  Passengers are welcome to drink as much as they like however we ask that all designated drivers (if any) kindly refrain from drinking any alcoholic beverages until the end of the tour.

Are reservations required?

While we do not require advanced reservations, we have limited space and often sell out.  We highly recommend reservations in advance for the best availability of our tours – especially during peak holiday periods.

What is your cancellation policy? 

While we take both non-guaranteed reservations without an advanced credit card payment as well as fully guaranteed reservations with credit card payment in full, we highly suggest the latter to avoid any potential disappointment.  In order to accommodate all guests, we schedule guides, reserve vehicles and load provisions based on our reservations.  Therefore, Funky Monkey has a 48-hour cancellation policy during non-peak periods (via email or person-to-person phone call) for guaranteed reservations in order to receive a full refund.  Cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance will not be refunded.  During peak holiday periods (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Spring Break and Easter), cancellations for guaranteed reservations made less than 7 days in advance (via email or person-to-person phone call) will not be refunded.
And for our cruise ship guests with guaranteed reservations – should your ship’s itinerary change for any reason, or the local Nevis/Kitts inter-island ferries not run due to adverse sea conditions, your deposit will be refunded in full.

I’d like to rent one of your 4x4’s and go on my own?

While over 95% of our business is guided tours – for some locals, ex-pats, return guests or those “Indiana Jones” types – rentals could be a good option.  With rentals, you must come to our shop where we check you in to the vehicle of your choice (either a 2, 4, or 6 passenger models – rates and availability vary).  We’ll provide you with a basic island road map and give you operational instructions.  But be aware, there are few if any road signs on the islands as I suspect the taxi guys took them all down to further their business!  And we ask that you please stay off all the island’s beaches as turtles are usually nesting.  In addition to the rental fee, there’s a government tax (10%), a 90-day temporary local driver’s license (now required @ $30.00 USD) and a refueling charge (unless you bring the vehicle(s) back full).  With a rental, you’re responsible for any physical damage to the vehicle (including tires).  When all said and done, depending on the number in your party and your choice of vehicle(s) – rentals could be more expensive than a guided tour and with a lot less fun (hint – tour, tour, tour!).  For further information or to book, just click on our Rental Tab herein.

OK – is there anything else I need to know for renting?

Other than the information above, rentals are subject to availability as our tours take priority.  Advanced reservations are highly recommended.  All rentals rates are based on a “half day” periods – 9 AM to 1 PM or 1 PM to 5 PM.  All rentals originate and return at our Kitts or Nevis offices. Rentals are charged at the time the vehicle is taken out.  Guests sign and leave on file a “open” credit card charge slip for any overtime, fuel used, or damage incurred (if any).  Full day (24 hour) and/or multiday rates are available in advance.  Call or e-mail for further information.  And remember, no matter how many rum punches you’ve enjoyed in route – always DRIVE ON THE LEFT!

Do you accept cash and/or credit cards?

For payment – USD cash is always preferred however we also accept Pounds and Euros (though at par with USD).  We also accept Master Card, VISA or American Express.