Since we began in 2007, Funky Monkey Tours has remained the premier and only off-road adventure company in Nevis.  From our original routes and custom trips, we’re proud to offer experiences that stay with you long after they’re over.  We are honored to have taken over twenty-five thousand guests on tour in the last 13 years and are grateful they shared their vacations with us.
We operate a fleet of well maintained, current model Polaris 4×4”s – RzR’s® and CREW’s®.  These beefy, open air 4x4’s are built for the off-road terrain as the fun begins where the pavement ends!
Our Nevis Tour covers the entire island, is easy, informative and 100% fun.  We normally begin our tours from our office which is conveniently located on the Main Island Road in Cades Bay.  For those without transportation, we’ll pick you up at your hotel, villa, private yacht or ferry dock.  In a matter of 3-1/2 hours you’ll be transformed from a “tourist” and into a “local” being an expert on Nevis.  Afterwards, you’ll know what to do, where to go and where to eat for the remainder of your holiday.  You’ll travel on many trails and roads not on the island map.  We’ll take you where the others can’t – seeing some of the prettiest island sights in the Caribbean with a mix of on/off roads, beaches & bush, resorts & ruins, savannahs & rain forests.   We’ll stop many times on the trail to tell stories, take photos and enjoy lots of liquid refreshments as we load our vehicles with bottomless coolers of both soft and hard drinks.  (Yes!  some guests have called us “a booze cruise in the bush!”).  –  just a fun time for all.  Funky Monkey Tours are simply the best way to adventure Nevis.
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Adults ages 13+ $150.00 USD,
Children ages 2-12/$100.00 USD
Infants ages 2 & under are Free
DAILY TOUR TIMES:  9 AM or 1:30 PM – Every day, including all holidays!


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Private tours are exactly as they sound. you and your friends will have your own tour guide(s) and 4x4(s) all to yourself for 3-1/2 hours. Traverse our traditional trails or customize it the way you want - YOU'RE IN CHARGE!

An additional flat fee of $200.00 USD on top of our normal tour fee for parties from 1 to 25 in size.



While both islands belong to the same federation and are only 5-miles apart - Kitts and Nevis are really worlds apart.  Kitts is fast paced with a hustle bustle cruise ship vibe while Nevis is quiet, pristine, laidback with old Caribbean peacefulness.  A similar Caribbean analogy would be either St. Thomas / St. Johns or St. Martin / Anguilla
Look….you’ve spent the time, money and effort to get to either Kitts or Nevis for your vacation.  And, being so close together, no trip is complete without seeing both islands – think of it as two islands for the price of one!  Our Funky Monkey Tour Combo Package is a great way to adventure both islands with our complimentary transportation between the two – a BIG savings!
We’ll pick you up at your hotel or villa and put you on a fast, convenient water taxi.  In less than 10 minutes, we’ll meet you at the dock at the other island and hit the trail!
 It’s simple, easy, seamless, no headaches and absolute fun!
 And after your tour – why not spend some beach, drinking, dining, sunset time at a nice restaurant before heading back to your original destination island?


$300.00 USD / PP
DAILY TOUR TIMES:  9 AM or 1:30 PM – Every day, including all holidays!